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Map of the VSFSR

Map of Soviet Venus.

Soviet Venus (Russian: Советская Венера, Sovetskaya Venera), also sited as Russian Venus (Русская Венера, Russkaya Venera), refers to the territories and settlements of planet Venus which are under the jurisdiction of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The Soviet territories of Venus are located on Aphrodite Terra, with the majority being centered in the Alta Regio portion of the continent.

Two areas often included in Soviet Venus are the independent nations of Cukursia and New Kamchatka. While under the jurisdiction of the Soviet Union, several settlements have been funded and organized by other nations (with the backing of the Soviet space program and Interkosmos). In total, Soviet Venus has a combined area roughly the size of Australia, while having a combined population almost reaching two million people.


The following is the list of settlements which make up Soviet Venus. Those in bold are independent nations. Nations marked in parentheses are the main funders and governors of those areas.