Soviet Union (Different Alliances)

Soviet Socialist Union - Russian Soviet Federative Republic of Workers Councils
1917 -
Coat of arms of the Soviet Union
Flag of the Soviet Union
Private property for people, socialism for masses - 17th Congress of CPR(b)
"Peace, no more war..."
Official language: Russian, English, German
French, Chinese, Poland...
State ideology: Socialism with capitalist
Government: Partialy multi-party state
Head of State:
President of Central Soviet
Head of government:
Chairman of People
Area: 11,995,945 km²
  - Total:
  - Per capita:
Currency: Soviet Ruble


1st January 1900 - Andrei I. Navrchov was born.
25th October 1917 - 2nd All-Russia Congress of Soviets gave power to councils and new Council of People Commissars.
1st November 1917 - Kerenskykrasnov forces destroyed by elite Latvian Red Riflemen under Vazietis commanding.
6th December 1917 - CHEKA, Soviet secret police, created.
21st January 1917 - Red Army established.
1918/1921 - Russian civil war, Red Army successfully captured and defended eastern Poland. Poland must gave large parts of eastern Poland to Russia, Soviets gave 75 million rubles to help Polish economy.
1924 - J. Stalin poisoned V. I. Lenin, Trotsky losing positions.
1927 - Andrei Navrchov participated in anti-Chinese military struggle on Far East, he met with commander Blyukher.
1929 - Andrei Navrchov joined Frunze Military Academy, Stalin start with creating documents and "evidences" need for purges.
1931 - soviet economy falling apart, brutal socialist experiments led to holodomor and drastic falling Soviet peoples live conditions. GDP falling near 17% down.
1933 - economical crisis continues, GDP falled about near 22%, heavy industry have many problems.
Coup in USA. Stalin ignoring danger situation in USA and gave order to arrest first communists leaders and military officers.
Army clique creating anti-Stalin officers group.
1934 - 17th Communist Party Congress under Kirov leadership condemned Stalin reign and calling for privatisations and capitalist economical reforms of soviet economy. Congress supporting Kirov liberal wings and army officers. Stalin did unsuccsesfull coup against congress and died during coup. Soviet Union started large economical reforms.
1935 - living conditions better, first little capitalist enterprises built. Communist Party still supporting central-planned economy, but with capitalists elements.
Soviet military commanding started with planning collective defense coalition of European countries against Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and militarist USA. Commissar of Foreign Affairs Litvinov met with foreign ministries of numerous European countries.
1936 - Start of large scale soviet military interventions in local conflicts. Two army corps arrived to Finland and destroyed nationalist anti-democratic coup, one elite trained army corps under Navrchov, Levandovski, Shevchenkova and Zhukov commanding arrived to Spain to support republican government. Five army corps preparing for road to Great Britain to support Churchill government against american occupation forces.
1937 - Spanish republican government destroyed by large German intervention. Soviet military advisors and support retreating from Spain. Commanders Shevchenkova and Budyonny killed during fight.
After Spain events, commanders Navrchov, Levandovski, Ivanevsky and Zhukov arrived to Great Britain. Zhukov betrayed Soviet army and sent secret information to Nazi and American occupation forces. He is killed by Nazi elite troops (as thanks for information ...)
Soviet Union completed economical reforms. Drastic increasing of living conditions. Famine ended and Enterprisers-Traders Council created to build mixed socialist-capitalist economy.
1938 - Full scale World War 2. Soviet Armies with armies of defense coalition attacked against Germany and their allies. Soviet, Finnish and Polish troops liberated with British militia and loyalists Great Britain and encircled American forces in Dover and Edinburgh.
United States of America destroyed by massive Thermobaric Vacuum Bombs attack. Dozens of millions dead.
1939 - soviet troops landed in USA and established puppet pro-Soviet government. Tukhachevsky led transitional military administration.
Soviet Armies conquered Germany and Italy. Fascist government in France overthrew by popular revolt.
1940 - Soviet garrisons established in Germany, Italy, Britain and France. Red Army overthrow the Fascist government in Spain.
1941/1945 - Thanks to economic reforms, Soviet Union built massive gigantic armed forces with near 12 millions soldiers. Soviet economy rising 25% per year and Manchuria, Baltic states and Central Asian states joined Soviet Union.
1946 - According 1256th Decree of Soviet Government, economy will be specialised for science and technology.
1959 - First human colony on Moon.
1965 - Industrialisation of Moon under soviet leadership. Unsuccessful landing on Mars.
1970 - Everyday Soviet Union gets more then 5000 tons of materials from the Moon. Moon population: 890,000 people, workers, engineers and colonists. Mars colony built with 100 scientists and engineers for analysis to build industry.
1982 - Industrialisation of Mars. Moon population: seven million, Mars population: 1.2 million.