Union of Sovereign Soviet Republics
Timeline: Ascent 1967

OTL equivalent: Soviet Union
Flag of the Soviet Union No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Workers of the world unite! (Russian)

Anthem "State Anthem of the USSR"
(and largest city)
Other cities St Petersburg
Language Russian
Religion None (State Atheism)
Demonym Soviet, Russian
Government Marxist Single Party State
General Secretary Vladimir Putin
Population 293,047,571 
Established 30 December 1922
Currency Ruble
Internet TLD .ussr
Organizations United Nations, Collective Security Treaty Organisation, Roscosmos


The Soviet Union is a defunct socialist state in Eastern Europe. Formed from the 1922 Russian Revolution, the USSR became a world superpower after invading and annexing its neighbours and installing communist governments. The Warsaw Pact and NATO split Germany into East and West after WWII as the Iron Curtain fell over Europe. The United States and Soviet Union were rivals, with the advent of the Space Race in 1957, the Americans struggled to catch up as the communist government started to become unstable, the Soviet Union began to make peace with the Western bloc, many hardline communists did not agree with the numerous treaties that the government was signing. Most of the republics and satellite states wanted independence so the Berlin Treaty was signed in 1972. 

1972 Berlin Treaty and 2005 collapse

The Berlin Treaty was signed on October 24th 1972, the treaty outlines the reunification of Germany, reduction of US and Soviet nuclear stockpiles and the semi-independence of the Soviet Republics, giving them assistance in political and military assistance. The Warsaw Pact was also dissolved by the Soviets and it's nations joined the European Economic Community, which formed the basis of today's European Union.


Nixon and Brezhnev signing the Berlin Treaty.

The USSR was officially dissolved on 30th of December 2005. Marking the end of the communist government, with the former Soviet Republics given full independence in 1991, the Russian Soviet Republic managed to function as a nation until 2002, with the lack of money and the communist government on the verge of collapse, many citizens protested outside of the Kremlin, wanting a democratic Russia, the last President of the USSR, Vladimir Putin, was ousted in 2003 after corruption allegations surfaced. A provisional government was established until the hammer and sickle flag was lowered for the last time on the 83rd anniversary of the establishment of the now former USSR.

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