Once the former Russian Empire, the Soviet Union now covers the entire planet.


After the 14 points were accepted at Versailles, the whole Western world began to disarm. After the Russian Civil War and Lenin's death, Joseph Stalin took the helm of the Soviet Union, and focused on being expansionistic. All military production was moved to Siberia within ten years as well as the Soviet Union having the best trained and best equipped soldiers on the planet (The White Berets of the League of Nations were far smaller and were decreasing over time). In 1943, the USSR began an invasion of the Baltic States and Finland as well as a war with Japan, annexing them shortly afterward. The LoN deployed all the White Beret Units in Western Europe, but it was to no avail. The T-34s were far superior to their equvalent tanks (1920s technology) as well as the MiG fighter planes swatting the WB's biplanes like flies. They were so successful to the extent that they got to the borders of France by 1944. in 1946, the USSR developed the A-Bomb and used it to obliterate several European cities and squashed England (their self defence forces were far weaker than the White Berets). By 1947, they had conquered the whole world and after 1969, sought to expand across the Galaxy.

The Soviet Union began a terrible campaign of repression and mass democide, with over 1 billion people dead by 2000. They use World Peace as propaganda against people who are deemed "enemies of the people". All resistance has been squashed mercilessly, with nuclear attacks on cities that rebel, and mass executions for one person being late on the curfew.