Soviet American City State Settlement of Seattle
Советский американский Город Штат Урегулирование Сиэтле
OTL equivalent: City of Seattle, Washington US
Soviet America City State Flag Coat of arms of the Soviet Union (Alternative 2014)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Soviet Seattle

"Коммунизм сегодня, коммунизм навсегда" (Russian)

(and largest city)
  others English
  others Protestantism
Government Utopic Socialist Democracy
Chief of the City State Yuri Chebrikov
Area 369 km²
Population 800 thousand 
Established 1964
Currency Soviet Ruble

Soviet Seattle is a city-state that was the only country to successful adopt the utopic socialism ideology.

ATL History

Soviet ship landing in America

While the nukes were flying to big cities, and destroying everything, a soviet ship called: "Rabotnik" was traveling thorough the Pacific Ocean, when the passengers discovered about the nuclear devastation, the ship capitain decided to travel to the nearest land of the ship, Seattle, Washington, USA. Getting there the crew found many dead bodies, with no where else to stay, they settled in seattle trying to create a new community and to survive the dead land. (WIP)

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