Soviet Republic of Danubia
Sowjetrepublik von Danubia (German) Szovjet Köztársaság Danubia(Hungarian) Sovětský Danubia Republika (Czech) Sovietsky Danubia Republika (Slovak) Советская Республика Данубия(Russian)
Timeline: America Takes All Lands From Mexico And Ottoman Empire

OTL equivalent: Danube
Flag Of Danubia Soviet.svg Imperial Coat of Arms of the Empire of Austria (1815)
Flag of the Soviet Republic Of Danubia Coat Of Arms Of Danubia
Danubieans USA v.2.2
Location of Danubia

Marxist Staaten von das Kommunischen (German, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Russian,)
("Marxist State Of The Communists")

Anthem "Danubischen Die Marxists!"
Budapest Prague
Largest city Vienna
Other cities Debrecen, Bratisalava, Innsbruck, Brno and Uzhorod
German, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Russian,
  others Spanish
Religion Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran and Christian
Ethnic Group Danubian (federalist identity), Albanian, Austrian, Bohemian, Bosniak, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Moravian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Ukrainian
Demonym Danubian
Government Communist State, Maxist-Leninist
  legislature Communist Unionists
Comrade Miloš Zeman
Area 1,251,093 sq km km²
Population 73,620,566 
Established 1934
Independence from USSR
  declared 1934
  recognized 1939
Currency Danubian Krone
Calling Code +420
Internet TLD .dn
Organizations UN, NATO, ANZUS, U.S. Military Zone
The Soviet Republic Of Danubia Is Composed Called DSR Or DRS was the Soviet Communists and Nationalists. Prague Is The Capital Of Danubia and the leader is Miloš Zeman. The following Soviet arrival called Hungarian Austrian Czech-Slovak SSR are separated and ally of the United States. The following Apollo 11 And 12 lunar landing and global arsenal nation and major nation on earth.

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