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Welcome to Operation: Soviet Overlord. This is a timeline where the re-inforcements that the Japanese called to get to the Japanese fleet at Midway arrived in time. As a result the US navy lost more ships, leading to slightly longer navy battles in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Izumi islands. This called for a slightly longer, Pacific War. So, on August 9th 1945 the USA were finishing the last of the mini-Japanese islands while the Soviet Union invaded Manchuria from the north. This gave the Red Army enough time to capture the Japanese colony of Manchuria and Korea.


260px-Isoroku Yamamoto

The PoD is when the Japanese navy on its way to Midway island, decides to wait for its re-inforcements just in case of something happens in battle. The re-inforcements come, and as a result of the delayed time the battle is 60 miles east of midway island. The re-inforcements come taking out more ships than in OTL. This leads to a slightly weaker US navy compared to OTL.


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