The Soviet Bloc of the Third World War consisted of the Soviet Union, China, and the various Soviet Satellite states in Eastern Europe. The Soviet Bloc included:

The Soviet Union, led by Premier Joseph Stalin. Kliment Voroshilov led Soviet forces in Asia and Alaska, while Georgy Zhukov led Soviet forces in Europe.

The People's Republic of China, led by Chairman Mao Zedong. Peng Dehuai led the Chinese forces in China, and coordinated the invasion of the Philippines.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (HSE), led by President Kim Il-Sung (HSE). Choi Yong-Kun commanded the DPRK forces fighting in the Philippines (HSE).

The German Democratic Republic, led by President Wilhelm Pieck.

The People's Republic of Poland, led by President Boleslaw Bierut.

The People's Republic of Hungary, led by Chairman of the Presidential Council Sandor Ranai.

The People's Republic of Bulgaria, led by President Mincho Neychev.

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, led by President Klement Gottwald.

The People's Republic of Romania, led by President of the Provisional Presidium Constantin Ion Parhon.

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