Hello there, I am Zachary Lee and I am here to tell my story. My triple Great Grand Father was just a boy when Washington was bombed. The first barrage rammed into the White House, killing Lincoln and his cabinet immediately. The second one hit the Capitol. With the whole government dead, the Union erupts into civil war. The English and the French take advantage of this, as the French capture New England and the English New York. The Americas are in chaos as the Confederate ally, the Cherokee Empire, emerges. The Cherokee Empire was a Westernized native empire. The Confederates occupied most of the north, excluding the American Remnant based in California, Oregon and Nevada. In 1938, when the aggressive fascist Confederacy and the Cherokee Empire invaded Mexico and Canada, sparking a joint invasion. The American Remnant became the all-powerful USA again and the Confederacy and the Cherokee became divided between England, France, the Soviet Union and the USA. Zachary Lee (talk) 22:17, April 30, 2013 (UTC)


You can comment on this talk page about what the Confederate states annexed and how the world was divided.

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