The Southern Football League (SFL) is a professional American football league based in the southern United States and one team in Cuba. It is made up of 14 franchises divided into two divisions.


The original Confederate Football League was founded in the 1920s, but during the rule of the National Socialists the league increasingly came under control of the government. Franchises were either disbanded or became sponsored by the government. The league was used as a morale booster during the war, but it quickly decayed as the war turned against the Confederacy. When the south became occupied following the war, the league was disbanded and clubs were initially banned, but after a year many of the old clubs were recreated. In 1951, the Southern Football League was created.


East Division

  • Atlanta Falcons (Atlanta, GA)
  • Havana Warriors (Havana, Cuba)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (Jacksonville, FL)
  • Miami Dolphins (Miami, FL)
  • South Carolina Panthers (Columbia, SC)
  • Tampa Bay Marauders (Tampa Bay, FL)
  • Tennessee Titans (Nashville, TN)

West Division

  • Dallas Cowboys (Dallas, TX)
  • El Paso Texans (El Paso, TX)
  • Houston Oilers (Houston, TX)
  • Mississippi Hawks (Jackson, MS)
  • Mobile (Mobile, AL)
  • New Orleans Saints (New Orleans, LA)


Starting in 1972, the top 3 teams from each division quality for the playoffs, with the number 1 seed gaining a bye while the 2 and 3 seeds square off. After that, each has a division has a championship game, with the winning being sent to play in the league championship.

  • 1961: Houston Oilers
  • 1963: Houston Oilers defeat Mississippi Hawks
  • 1964: Dallas Cowboys deat Houston Oilers
  • 1965: Houston Oilers
  • 1966: Mississippi Hawks
  • 1967: Mississippi Hawks
  • 1971: Miami Dolphins defeat Mississippi Hawks
  • 1972: Miami Dolphins defeat New Orleans Saints
  • 1973: Arkansas Red Raiders defeat Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 1996: Mississippi Hawks defeat South Carolina Panthers
  • 2014: Arkansas Red Raiders defeat defeat South Carolina Panthers
  • 2015: Tennessee Titans defeat El Paso Texans
  • 2016: Arkansas Red Raiders defeat Atlanta Falcons
  • 2017: Arkansas Red Raiders defeat Miami Dolphins

Championships by Franchise

4: Arkansas Red Raiders (1973, 2014, 2016, 2017) 3: Houston Oilers (1961, 1963, 1965), Mississippi Hawks (1966, 1967, 1996)

2: Miami Dolphins (1971, 1972) 

1: Dallas Cowboys (1964), Tennessee Titans (2015)

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