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South West England Assembly election, 2011
All 48 seats in the National Assembly for South West England
25 seats needed for a majority
5 May 2011
Turnout 67.15%
First party Second party Third party
Leader Andrea Davis Anthony Lock Pete Edwards
Party Conservative Liberal Democrats Labour
Leader's seat Devon North Yeovil Exeter
Last election 24 seats, 43.7% 12 seats, 27.8% 7 seats, 16.7%
Seats before 23 12 6
Seats won 28 11 8
Seat change 4 1 1
Popular vote 744,499 355,555 269,470
Percentage 47.8% 22.8% 17.3%
Swing 4.1% 5% 0.6%
Fourth party
Untitled (3)
Leader Roger Knapman
Party UKIP

Leader's seat Devon list
Last election 2 seats, 8.7%
Seats before 2
Seats won 1
Popular vote 97,284
Percentage 6.2%
Swing 2.5%

Colours show the winning party in each constituency.
First Minister before election
Andrea Davis
Elected First Minister
Andrea Davis

The 2011 South West England Assembly election was held on Thursday, 5 May 2011 to elect 48 members to the South West England Assembly. The Conservatives held onto their majority and nearly wiped the Liberal Democrats out in South West England on the Constituency level.


The 2011 election took place on new boundaries made for the UK Parliament for its 2010 election and thus the seat change isn't correct. Labour, on their rise in support after the 2010 election, swept to victory in the Dorset South By-Election on the 2nd of September 2010. The Liberal Democrats had been polling poorly since the 2010 election and thus several Liberal Democrat target seats in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset were held by the Conservatives.


The Conservatives won every single constituency except Plymouth Moor View and Exeter (held by Labour) and Yeovil (held by the Liberal Democrats) whilst increasing their vote share. Labour failed to win any of their Target Seats and lost Plymouth Sutton and Devonport. However, they increased their vote share as well. The Liberal Democrat did worst losing their remaining Cornish constituencies whilst failing to win back any of their old seats such as Torbay. They held onto their only constituency, Yeovil. Their vote share suffered as well, decreasing by over 5%. However, thanks to the regional seats, they managed to win another 10 seats giving them a total of 11.

31 6 10 1
Conservatives Labour Lib Dems Speaker