Assembly not created Flag of England 2003
South West England Assembly election, 1999
All 45 seats in the National Assembly for South West England
23 seats needed for a majority
6 May 1999
Turnout 67.15%
First party Second party Third party
Lord Coe - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012 cropped
Richard Younger-Ross MP at Bournemouth
Leader Sebastian Coe Richard Younger-Ross Jim Knight
Party Conservative Liberal Democrats Labour
Leader's seat Cornwall (list) Candidate for Falmouth and Camborne (lost) Devon (list) Candidate for Teignbridge (lost) Dorset South
Seats won 21 18 6
Popular vote 555,515 489,280 444,800
Percentage 35.5% 31.2% 28.4%
Colours show the winning party and the majority in each constituency.
First Minister before election
Assembly not created
Assembly not created
Elected First Minister
Richard Younger-Ross
Liberal Democrats

The 1999 South West England Assembly election was held on Thursday, 6 May 1999 to elect 45 members to the South West England Assembly. The Conservatives won the most seats and votes however they did not win a majority. Thus, the Liberal Democrats and Labour formed a coalition.


Tony Blair's revival of the Labour party prior to the 1997 elections decided the results of the first elections to the devolved assemblies. In 1997, the Liberal Democrats had destroyed John Major's Conservatives in the South West winning seats from Yeovil to Truro. Thus, people could tell a similar thing would happen again.


The result was more or less the same with few seats being held by the Conservatives that were won by the Lib Dems. The Conservatives did best however, they did not get a majority. The Liberal Democrats and Labour entered a coalition.

21 6 17 1
Conservatives Labour Lib Dems Speaker