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South West England Assembly election, 2003
All 45 seats in the National Assembly for South West England
23 seats needed for a majority
6 May 2003
Turnout 65.07%
First party Second party Third party
Lord Coe - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2012 cropped
183px-Steve Gilbert Mugshot
Leader Sebastian Coe Steve Gilbert Alison Seabeck
Party Conservative Liberal Democrats Labour
Leader's seat Cornwall (list) Candidate for Falmouth and Camborne (won) Truro and St Austell Plymouth Devonport
Last election 21 seats, 35.5% 18 seats, 31.2% 6 seats, 28.4%
Seats before 22 18 5
Seats won 23 18 4
Seat change 2 0 2
Popular vote 641,128 603,935 233,952
Percentage 40.96% 38.57% 14.94%
Swing 5.46% 7.37% 13.46%
Colours show the winning party and the majority in each constituency.
First Minister before election
Steve Gilbert
Liberal Democrats
Elected First Minister
Sebastian Coe

The 2003 South West England Assembly election was held on Thursday, 1 May 2003 to elect 45 members to the South West England Assembly. The Conservatives won the most seats and votes giving them a majority. Thus, the Liberal Democrats' coalition with Labour ended.


The first term and its government were known for there instabilty. Both the First Minister and his Deputy stood down in mid-May 2001. The Labour leader and Deputy First Minister, Jim Knight, stood down after he was elected as the MP for Dorset South resulting in a by-election in the Assembly counterpart of Dorset South. It was won by the Conservatives. After this, the government and the opposition held the same number of seats. This led to several unsuccessful votes of no confidence. Shortly before the election, Tony Blair announced he would join America in invading Iraq. Polling after started to show that Labour were on track for a bad result.


23 3 18 1
Conservatives Labour Lib Dems P.O.

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