South Maharlika
Habagatan Maharlika

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

OTL equivalent: southern Philippines
South Maharlika
(and largest city)
Language: Cebuano, Khmer
Religion: Hinduism, None
Ethnic group: Maharlikans, Khmer
Demonym: South Maharlikan
Type of government: Federal republic
Population: 41,550,085 
Currency: Khmer surya
South Maharlika, officially the State of South Maharlika (Cebuano: Habagatan Maharlika, Khmer: រដ្ឋមហេន្ទ្រដីខាងជើងបាន), is the southern part of Maharlika, and a province of the Khmer Empire. It is bordered by North Maharalika to the north and Brunei to the south.

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