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The South Korean Campaign was the 2015 full-scale ground invasion of South Korea by Russian-backed North Korean military forces during the Third World War.

Initial Attacks

On July 8, 2015, North Korea initiated a series of military strikes against South Korea. American and South Korean military bases throughout the country were bombarded by heavy artillery, conventional missile, and air strikes. North Korean commandos raided strategic targets, conducted sabotage operations, and assassinated key figures. The Korean People's Army Navy engaged South Korea and American naval warships in the region.

KPA Crosses the DMZ

One hour after the initial attacks had begun, the Korean People's Army Ground Force crossed the DMZ into South Korea. 

Battle of Seoul

Korean People's Army moves into the South Korean capital city of Seoul.

US-ROK Counterattack

With Seoul successfully defended, the Americans and South Koreans launch a joint counterattack to push the Korean People's Army back across the DMZ.

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