From August 27-29, 1961, South Gravitian Republic (SGR) briefly held the 55-mile-long Yam Coast in Sesano, Ghana, known as Koshtye' Yamva'. "Komunisnye boz nyevalt" or "Communism is evil." was the slogan for the anti-Communist Sesanians. Ghana was part of Britain until 1957. It was a Commonwealth realm until 1960, and independent after 1960. Yamivan Sigarofsky (1913-60) was the bolzhin, or governor, of the Province of the Yam Coast. At 12:25 pm on August 30, 1961, as the naidyo' (retreat of forces from Sesano after Ghana forced them out), 39-year-old Mpojanai Gobolelo Bodosanalolua (1922-2014) assassinated Mizhut' (a respectful title) Sigarofsky. Bodosanalolua fled to Brazil from Nayabu, Ghana (the capital of the Yam Coast, where Sigarofsky was shot). The flag was the Ghanaian flag with a hammer and sickle (ghonai e bamba) in the middle.

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