German Federation
Timeline: Giovinezza
Proposed German National Flag 1948 German Federation Coat of Arms (Giovinezza)
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Auferstanden aus Ruinen"
English: "Risen from Ruins"
(and largest city)
Language German
Religion Catholicism
Demonym South German, German
Government Federal parliamentary republic
  legislature Staatsrat
State President Gerhard Woitzik
State Chancellor Joseph Rommel
Population 42,325,886 (2016 Census) 
Currency Staatsmark
Internet TLD .dvb
South Germany (German: Süddeutschland), officially the German Federation (German: Deutschverbund), is a landlocked federal parliamentary republic located in Central Europe. Its capital and largest city is Munich and it hosts a population of over 42 million as of 2016. South Germany borders North Germany to the north, France and Switzerland to the west and south-west respectively, Italy and Slovenia to the south and the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary to the east and south-east. It is an associated member of the Mediterranean Union and Italian Community, although is not a full member of either.

The Southern German government was first established as a fascist state by the Italian Empire in during the early Cold War period. The German land under Italian occupation immediately after World War II (Berlin exempt) was administered by the new state. The South German fascist regime acted as an Italian client state and under the guidance of Italian Duce Benito Mussolini, exploited the religious and cultural divide between northern and southern Germans by promoting Catholicism and Conservatism combined with propaganda in a successful attempt to create a permanent political division to prevent reunification in the future.


The unified armed forces for the German Federation is the Staatsheer (English: State Army), which is divided up into the Land Forces, Air Forces, Special Forces and Joint Command Support Forces. Being a landlocked country, the Staatsheer has no navy. Its manpower is bolstered by conscription; all able males between the ages of 18 and 25 are obligated to serve six months of uninterrupted military service, followed by an eight-year period of reserve duty. Men and women are eligible for voluntary service at the age of sixteen. As of 2015, the Staatsheer employs roughly 227,000 active servicemen.

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