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List of Roman kings of the HRE

Baden | Bavaria | Brandenburg | Braunschweig | Franconia | Hesse | Jülich-Berg | Luxemburg | Mecklenburg | Nassau | Netherlands | Thuringia | Württemberg

Nations that joined the HRE later: Poland | Prussia
Nations that left the HRE: Bohemia | Florence | Switzerland
Nations that became defunct

Austria | Holstein | Meissen | Münster | Osterland | Pomerania | Salzburg | Würzburg


Alpenbund | Baltic League | Hanseatic League | Süddeutscher Städtebund

The Süddeutscher Städtebund (South German City League) formed during the years 1375-78. Most important members were Augsburg, Ulm, Reutlingen, Heilbronn and Strassburg. Various South German princes, led by those of Württemberg and Habsburg, fought them. With the help of the Swiss, the cities stayed victorious, and other than in OTL, their alliance wasn't interdicted by the Roman king. In this war, the Habsburgs lost most of their territories except Freiburg with the Black Forest.

In the Swabish War 1421/22, the Holy Roman Empire proved unable to force Switzerland and its allies of the South German City League back into the fold.

During the Twenty-Year War, they overwhelmed and conquered the last Habsburg lands. Since then, they practically stopped caring about the HRE, and gradually became a part of (Lower) Switzerland.