South England
Timeline: Fascist Britain

OTL equivalent: Parts of England
Flag of South England (Fascist Britain)
Anthem "L'Internationale"
(and largest city)
Language English, French
Ethnic Groups
  others French
Demonym Southern English
Government Communist democracy
Established 1968
Annexation to France
  date 1943

South England is a part of the Union of French Socialist States.



South England was occupied by France after the defeat of Britain in 1942. France made it clear from the start they had no intention of neutrality in the area, and immediately set about redistributing wealth and land. They aimed to fully convert South England to a communist state. This was considered over by 1968, in which South England was formally recognised as a state of the UFSS.

Moves to Independence

The French government knew that in 1993 they would have to release South England. However, this would be both humiliating and morale lowering, so a period of francisation began. Everyday aspects of life were changed to a more "French" way, and aspects of English culture were stripped away. This process was initiated slowly and was modestly successful, but failed to stop the international community pressuring France to release South England.

Independence and Re-Absorption

South England gained independence in 1993, as planned. However, failures in the new United Republic led to a civil war that would eventually mean South England became a battleground for various factions. In 1998 France, along with Germany and the USA, intervened in Britain. France stabilised the south by 2002 and intended to re-annex the area. However, Germany refused to allow this. Eventually a compromise was found where France released Cornwall, Wessex and handed some areas over to Scotland and Wales.


After WWII, much of the old English political structure was destroyed, including the aristocracy. This then led to a period of francisation. Nowadays, the area shows a mixture of both English and French culture, the influence of the latter generally increasing. English children are taught both English and French, in schools using the French educational system.

French influence is strongly notable in some towns which have had an influx of French migrants. Estruisseau, formally Eastbourne, is a small town in the south of the country which has a large French majority.

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