The South Carolinan Dollar is the currency of South Carolina. It is currently divided into 100 shillings. It was traditionally divided into 32 shillings, each of which were divided into 12 pence (thus, 384 pence to the dollar). The dollar suffered much inflation during the 20th century, to the point where, by the 1970's, the smallest coin was 20$. In 1973, a currency reform was initiated in which a New Dollar, equal to 1,000 old dollars would be adopted. The New Dollar would be subdivided into 100 New Shillings. It was pegged in 1981 to the Georgian Dollar at the rate of 5 SC dollars to 1 Georgian dollar.

Coins in circulation

  • 25 Shillings
  • 50 Shillings
  • 1 Dollar
  • 2½ Dollars
  • 5 Dollars
  • 10 Dollars

Banknotes in circulation

  • 25 Dollars
  • 50 Dollars
  • 100 Dollars
  • 250 Dollars
  • 500 Dollars
  • 1,000 Dollars
  • 2,500 Dollars

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