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South Atlantic War



Maudland, New Swabia, Argentina, Scotia Sea Islands, Tierra del Fuego, Southern Ocean, Weddell Sea, Scotia Sea

  • Removal of Argentine Military Junta
  • Consolidation of Ognian territory
  • Return of Democracy to New Swabia

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of Ognia (Great White South) Ognia
Flag of Chile Chile (unofficial)

AFNM and Allies:

Flag of Norway Norway
Flag of Maudland (Great White South) Maudland
Flag of New Swabia (Great White South) NSLP
Flag of the Commonwealth of Nations Commonwealth
Flag of Santiago (Great White South) Santiago

Die Bruderen /
Los Hermanos:

Flag of Argentina Argentina
Flag of New Swabia New Swabia


Flag of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher
Flag of Maudland (Great White South) Thobias Mjoen
Flag of Eduarda (Great White South) R. R. Umfraville
Flag of New Swabia (Great White South) Otto Dietrich
Flag of Santiago (Great White South) Rosa Zapata
Flag of Santiago (Great White South) Guillermo Montemayor
Flag of Santiago (Great White South) Eugenio Saldevar

Flag of Argentina Leopoldo Galtieri
Flag of New Swabia Bernhard Knapstein

Casualties and Losses

The South Atlantic War was the largest conflict in Antarctica since World War II. The War was fought on two fronts - the New Swabian War in the East, and the Warrahar War in the West.


Los Hermanos

"Los Hermanos", or "Die Bruderen", was the unofficial name for the alliance between Argentina and New Swabia, which were both governed by Dictatorships at the time: New Swabia by a Fascist one-party system; and Argentina by a Military Junta. Argentina fought primarily in the Warrahar War, but did provide some support to the New Swabian War as well.

SSTF, AFNM and allies

The AFNM, Armed Forces of Norway and Maudland, represented the entire Norwegian-Maudlandic presence on Antarctica. It also had support from the New Swabia Liberation Party, an illegal militant anti-Fascist party; as well as Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations. Santiago was another ally of the ANFM, but due to historic alliances with both New Swabia and Argentina, the Santiagan support was occasionally limited. The AFNM fought mostly in the New Swabian War although some AFNM naval vessels fought alongside the Royal Navy.

The Scotia Sea Task Force, organized in 1982, was the joint-command between British and Ognian military forces in the Scotia Sea islands. The islands had been recently transferred from Britain to Ognia, and many of the locals still held British citizenship, so the British Military maintained a defensive presence in the area, to support the small Ognian forces. The SSTF received some support from Chile, but most of this was non-combat support.