The South Asian Union is an international organization located in Southern Asia.


The South Asian Union was founded in the period after the Great East Asian War, specifically after the breakup of French Indochina. The Union originally consisted of Thailand (then called Siam) Burma and the newly independent state of Annam. At the time of founding, the Union was purported to be intended to protect its members from the aggression of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, specifically Japan. However, the main effect of its founding was to secure Thailand's claim to the territories of Laos and Cambodia.

The Union later incorporated Bhutan and Nepal. This marked the beginning of the Union's transformation from a hastily constructed defense pact to a legitimate international organization. Around this point, the economic integration and development within the Union was given higher priority. After the Malaysian War Indonesia joined the Union. The biggest boost to the Union came in 1979 when India applied for membership and was accepted. This increased the economy and military strength of the Union by roughly one quarter. This occurred again in 1984, when the Republic of China joined the Union. As the Union was growing during the Great Depression, unlike most other states, its economy had improved to the point of competition with the rest of the world.

The Union has historically had close relations with the USA, largely due to its role in opposing its enemy, Japan. The Union is a large trading partner of the United States, as well as many South American nations through the Panama Canal. This has put it on very good relations with the Organization of Central American Nations. Although once it had poor relations with Europe, largely due to it including many nations which were formed through conflict with the colonial British, French and Dutch. However, due to the increasing economical importance of the Union worldwide, the European Community has put aside history in favour of sharing the wealth.


Embassador Flag of Thailand

Flag of Thailand


Flag of Republic of Cochinchina

Flag of Annam

Flag of the Republic of China

Flag of the Republic of China


Flag of the State of Burma (1943-45)

Flag of Burma


Flag of Bangladesh

Flag of Bangladesh


Flag of India

Flag of India


Flag of Bhutan

Flag of Bhutan


Nepal Flag

Flag of Nepal


Flag of Indonesia

Flag of Indonesia


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