The 1972 South Arabian general election resulted in a second hung parliament.

1971  1976
South Arabian general election, 1972
All 35 seats to the Federal Assembly of the Federation of South Arabia
March 15, 1972
First party Second party Third party
Leader Joseph Read Philip Payton Christian Abbott
Party [[Progressive Party|Template:Progressive Party/meta/shortname]] [[National Party|Template:National Party/meta/shortname]] [[Labour Party|Template:Labour Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 1960 1971 1955
Leader's seat Hadhramaut Dhofar Aden South
Last election 16 9 10
Seats after 15 11 9
Seat change -1 +2 -1

Previous Prime Minister
Joseph Read
[[Progressive Party|Template:Progressive Party/meta/shortname]]

Prime Minister
Philip Payton
[[National Party|Template:National Party/meta/shortname]]


The 1971 general election had resulted in a hung Labour National coalition government however National leader Preston Garter was ousted by Philip Payton who withdrew National from the government and supported Joseph Read as Prime Minister, Read then used the change in leadership to call an early election.


The election resulted in a second hung parliament in which the Progressives and National formed a government with Payton as National's first Prime Minister but with a cabinet dominated by Progressives.

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