The 1963 South Arabian general election resulted in a majority for the Progressive Party.

1962  1967
South Arabian general election, 1963
All 35 seats to the Federal Assembly of the Federation of South Arabia
January 4, 1963
First party Second party Third party
Leader Joseph Read Christian Abbott Connor Blackburn
Party [[Progressive Party|Template:Progressive Party/meta/shortname]] [[Labour Party|Template:Labour Party/meta/shortname]] [[National Party|Template:National Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 1960 1955 1954
Leader's seat Hadhramaut Aden South Qatar Doha
Last election 15 10 10
Seats after 21 11 3
Seat change +6 +1 -7

Previous Prime Minister
Christian Abbott
[[Labour Party|Template:Labour Party/meta/shortname]]

Prime Minister
Joseph Read
[[Progressive Party|Template:Progressive Party/meta/shortname]]


The 1962 election had produced a hung parliament in which the Progressive's were the largest party but were locked out of government by a coalition of Labour and National Parties.

However, toward the end of the year fractures began to appear between the two parties and these differences came to a head when the nationals joined the Progressives in voting against the budget, forcing Prime Minister Christian Abbott to call an early election.


The election saw the Progressives win a majority whilst the Nationals were punished for their forcing of a snap election leading to them losing seven of their ten seats and forcing the resignation of leader Connor Blackburn.