South Arabian general election, 1946
All 35 seats to the Federal Assembly of the Federation of South Arabia
February 15, 1946 (1946-02-15)
First party Second party Third party
Leader Benjamin Rhodes Burke Westley Clement Phillips
Party [[Progressive Party|Template:Progressive Party/meta/shortname]] [[Labour Party|Template:Labour Party/meta/shortname]] [[National Party|Template:National Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 1944 1941 1945
Leader's seat Aden South Socotra Bahrain
Seats before NA NA
Seats won 21 9 5
Seat change +21 +9 +5

Previous Prime Minister

Prime Minister-elect
Benjamin Rhodes
[[Progressive Party|Template:Progressive Party/meta/shortname]]

The 1946 South Arabian elections were the first elections to the Federal Assembly and were won by the Progressive Party.


Whilst the Federation of South Arabia was established in 1939 political instability followed by the outbreak of the Second World War prevented elections from being held earlier.


The elections were won by the Progressive Party who won 21 out of the 35 seats in the Assembly.

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