سلطان الجنوب العربي
Dominion of South Arabia

Timeline: No Napoleon
Preceded by 1896–1917 Succeeded by
Flag of the Colony of Aden

Flag of the Trucial States
Flag of Muscat
Flag of Bahrain (1820-1932)

Flag of the Ottoman Empire
Tricolour Flag of Iran (1886)
Flag of the Dominion of South Arabia (No Napoleon) Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (1837-1952)
Flag of South Arabia Coat of Arms
Location of South Arabia (No Napoleon)
Location of South Arabia
Capital: Mukalla
Language: Arabic, Persian, English
Type of government: British dominion
Currency: Pound

The Dominion of South Arabia (Arabic: سلطان الجنوب العربي), commonly known as South Arabia or British Arabia, was a British dominion that existed from 1896 to 1917. It formed after the fall of the Zanj Empire and its transfer of control to the British. The Empire decided it was best in order to promote their influence in the region (against the growing power of the Ottomans) by uniting the protectorates into one dominion.

The dominion had eventually succumb to revolution and dissolution during the end of the First World War. Many Arabian states later became under the control of the Ottoman Empire and Persia.




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