South American Federation
Timeline: Rebuild Map Game
Flag of the south American Federation SAF Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
SAF with Trinidad and Tobago
Location of SAF

Order Em Progresso (Portuguese, Spanish)
("Order and Progress")

Capital Rio De Jeneiro
Largest city Rio De Jeneiro
Other cities Brasilia, Caracas, San Christóbal
Language Portuguese, Spanish
Religion None
Ethnic Groups
  others Black, Amerindian, Asian
Legislature President, Congress, House of Reps, Supreme Court
Population 93,144,924 Million
Organizations SATEC, SHDP, SHTL, OPEC
The South American Federation is the largest nation in South America formed originally from Brazil, Guyana united under the Native nation, and Venezuela's transitional government.

Brazilian-Venezuelan War

Brazil attempting to secure itself following the global nuclear conflict was invaded by Venezuela surprisingly. The Venezuelans managed to advance to the Amazon river but due to timely counteroffenses the Brazilian armed forces managed to stop them and encircle the main Venezuelan armed forces. 

While this was going on Brazilian army units moved on Puerto Ayacucho and secured the city with moderate resistance establishing a foothold and forcing many of the Venezuelans remaining forces to divert south to try to retake the city. During this period a force of 11,000 marines and some special forces made a large assault on the capital of the Caracas. Months of Intense fighting the battle for Caracas was a stalemate with Brazilian forces in control of the Residential districts and the Coastal areas. However Venezuelan forces were still in control of the main Government buildings. The following Months led to Brazilian Reinforcements moving once again on the Beseiged city and facilitating the Quick capture of the Capital and the Venezuelan government. A Treaty known as the Treaty of Caracas was drafted which was the Unconditional surrender of Venezuela, the Creation of a Unified Provinces of Guyana, and The Formaton of the South American Federation.


The SAF has been sort of a myth forming over the years of a single unified South American State. With Brazil Leading the charge following the Great war much of the continent looks to the SAF for possible membership in the future. The SAF was officially created by the Treaty of Caracas.


The South American Federation governmental structure was founded based upon the United Kingdom's style of sovereignty, with the United States Federal - State governmental relationship. The government consists of three branches, a singular executive with a Cabinet and support staff, a two-house legislative parliament, and a civil, criminal and military judicial court branch. The SAF has a single head of state who lead the executive branch, They are advised by the same advisory council, made up of Congress and the House of Representatives which make up the Full Parliament

Members of the Federation

These are the Member states of the Federation which now include:

Federative Republic of Brazil

Federal Republic of Venezuela

United Provinces of Guyana

Federal Republic of Panama

Federal Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Foreign relations

Name Relations
25pxSouth Africa Good, Recent, Trading
Flag of Australia Commonwealth of Oceania Good, Recent, Trading
Flag of Argentina Argentina Good, Trading  through SATEC
Flag of Colombia Columbia Good, Trading through SATEC, Influencing
Peru (WSMT) Peru Good, Trading through SATEC
Flag of Israel Israel Good, Cooperation on Suez Rebuilding

Military Strength

The Military of the South American Federation following the Government restructuring and the Nuclear war began a mass Reformed policy in order to secure its future. Following the Venezuelan war new generals agreed that they would not live long in their current state and moved about for military reformation and helping secure the place they lived for future generation especially since much of the planet had been incinerated. 

Combined forces

600,000  Active

300,000 Reserve


300,0000 Active 200,000 in Reserve


170,000 Active 50,000 in Reserve


80,000 active 20,000 Reserve

Air Force

170,000 Active 50,000 in Reserve

Army Equipment

FN-FAL (Full Service)

M-14 Rifle (Full Service)

M-16 Rifle (Full Service)

AK-47 (Acquired from Soviet Supplied Guerrillas)

M-60 (Full Service)

M-2 Browning (Full Service )

M-60 Patton Main Battle Tank (800 in service with Reverse engineering allowing for increased construction)

Naval Equipment


Colossus Class

  • FSS Minas Gerais (Full Service)

Impresso Class:

  • FSS Enterprise (Full Service)
  • FSS São Paulo (Full Servie)
  • FSS Redenção (Full Service)
  • FSS Platine (Under Construction)
  • FSS Pacifidor (Under Construction)


Monolito Class:

  • FSS Monolito (Under limited Construction)
  • FSS Vingança (Planned not under construction)
  • FSS Rio De Jeneiro (Planned not under construction)


T-200 Class: 

  • FSS Tupi (Under construction)
  • FSS Tikuna (Under construction)
  • FSS Niterói (Planned)
  • FSS União (Planned)
  • FSS Barroso (Planned)
  • FSS Barborossa (Planned design consideration still under way may become its own class)

Battle Cruisers: 

Leviatã Class

  • FSS Leviatã (Full Service.)
  • FSS Caracas (Under Constuction)
  • FSS Horizonte (Planned)
  • FSS Dom Afonso (Planned)



Piraim Class:

  • FSS Priaim (Full Service)
  • FSS Preto Anjo (Full Service)
  • FSS Providência (Full Service)
  • FSS Defensora (Full Service)


Constituição Class:

  • FSS Constituição (Full Service)
  • FSS Alberio (Full Service)
  • FSS Falcão (Full Service)
  • FSS Albion (Full Service)
  • FSS Frontin (Full Service)


  • Forrest-Sherman Class : 2 (Currently under repair and catalogue)
  • San Juan Class : 50 (40 In full Service 10 currently under construction)


  • Amazonas Class: 28 (Full Service)


  • Carioca Class: 30 (Full service)

Supply Ships: (Average/Modified Cargo Cruise Ship)

Air Force Equipment


F-5 Freedom Fighter: 350 (Under Construction)

F-4 Phantom : 300(Under Construction)

F-15 Eagle (Under Joint Develoment with Oceania and Korea)

Ground Attack: 

A-4 Skyhawk 120 (Under Construction)

Strategic Bomber: 

None: (Currently being considered)


C-130: 100 (Full Service to be catalougued and built)

List of Bases owned and Operated by the SAF

Sūl Marcõs Naval Base

Texas Plains Army Base

Corpus Christie Naval Base

Surat Thani Joint Strike Base.

Wake Island Air Force and Communication base

Midway Naval Air Station.

Guam Marina

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