SAU World MapThe year is 2010. Colonialist powers still struggle over the world. The Central Powers, now including Britain, and the Allies are still locked in a cold war following the Great War. A combination of factors which broke apart the empires of the world, and tore the control of their empire away from the British, never happened.

In Africa, what was a hasty alliance of wildly different peoples in response to British aggression has cemented into a real nation. Economically the most well off former colony, the Union of South African States served as an example to the rest of Africa. Although problems like AIDS, Malaria, ethnic divisions and poverty still persist, they are nowhere near where they were OTL.
African Political Map

Turning Points

  • Boer Republics were wildly more successful in the First Anglo-Boer War. Because of this, Basutoland and Swaziland never become British Protectorates, and instead seek treaties with the Boers infringing on their lands. After the Second Anglo-Boer War, the Orange Free State, Transvaal Republic, Basotho and Swaziland unify into the Union of South African States.
  • Emperor Pedro II's son Afonso survives his childhood illness. Pedro II abdictates in 1888, and Alfonso's popularity maintains the Brazilian Empire.
  • The British Empire and the Empire of Prussia are unified under Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1910.


Union of South African States

United States of North Africa

Union of the Ivory Coast

East African Federation




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