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South African National Defence Force
SANDF emblem
Founded 1988
Current form 1988
Service branches South African Army, South African Navy, South African Air Force
Headquarters Pretoria
Commander-in-Chief Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka
Minister of Defence and Military Veterans Godfrey Ngwenya
Military age 18-49
Active personnel 74,000

The South African National Defence (SAND) is the the head of the Military Branches of The Republic Of South Africa

Air force

South African Air force (SAAF) is ran by Lt.General Karmor Charos. The SAAF buys most of it aircraft from Atlas Aircraft Corporation.


Number In Service

Atlas Cheetah


Atlas Oryx



South African National Army (SANA) is in duty of patrolling the borders. The leading officer is General Alexander H. Yates. The primary weapon is the R4 rife. Its main battle tank is the Centurion Tank, with a total of 146 units.


South African Navy (SAN) is in duty of guarding the shores of The Republic Of South Africa. It is based in Duban.

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