The South African Republic was founded in 1839 by Andries Pretorius, a Boer settler leader. The Republic slowly expanded until 1914, by which time it occupied the same territory it does today.

By the mid 1980's, however, the Afrikaans-bo-Alles policy began to seem untenable. Minor protests from the black majority began to turn into small rallies, and then into larger ones.


Ethnic Group Population Percentage
Black 40,620,900 88%
Afrikaaner 5,311,720 12%
Other White 12,400 0.05%


Although nearly 90% of South Africa's population are black, they are not allowed to vote. Consequently the unpopular National Party has been in power constantly since 1939, only because they represent the Boer minority. The National's are not only unpopular with the indigenous blacks, but with other white immigrants, due to their "Afrikaaner First" policy.

The President is both head of state and government of South Africa, and but unlike the US president he is elected by Parliament.

The Parliament is elected every five years by all over 20 year olds of white Afrikaaner origin. The current parliament consists

Party Seats
National Party 155
Moderate Party 16
Liberal Afrikaner Party 15
Republican Party 7
Democratic Party 7


South African society is still largely dominated by its policy of segregation.


The South African Army consists of a regular cadre of 24,000 men and women. Many of these personnel are given temporary commissions or promotions to NCO.

All Afrikaaner South African men and women have to serve national service. This begins by serving two years military service from their 18th birthday, and then serving a total of five years service before their 38th birthday.

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