South Africa, showing the nominal borders.

South Africa, sometimes referred to as the "Southern Monster", is the largest country in Africa.


South Africa pursued a policy of Apartheid, also referred to as "Separate Development". This was a segregationist approach which continued into early Caroline times. Increasing industrial automation led to a situation where non-whites were increasingly unemployed. The government also pursued a policy of withholding Anti-virals from the majority non-white population, with the result that during the early years of the Ukimwi epidemic, almost all of them died. The epidemic also affected most of the rest of Africa, with the result that the infrastructure and governments that existed in neighbouring and some other nearby states collapsed. The nation proceeded to annex these states with insignificant opposition. Due to the disappearance of black Africans from these areas, the policy of Apartheid became meaningless and was no longer pursued. It is now almost exclusively white and sparsely populated. Its official language is now Afrikaans: English was dislodged from its position as an official language because of its association with liberalism and the fact that it can be used to communicate with foreigners and the use of any language other than Afrikaans is now a criminal offence.

International Relations

South Africa is one of the few surviving states in Africa. It is not a member of the UN and many countries pursue sanctions against it. However, these make little difference to its economy due to the considerable size of its territory and the availability of mineral resources.

There are some disorganised incursions from northern areas into South Africa because in spite of the oppressive nature of the regime, the situation is actually better than elsewhere. The South African military invariably shoot any refugees on sight.

South Africa effectively has no land border because there are no surviving states in central Africa.

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