The SouthCo Championship Game refers to the annual title game to determine the Southern Conference's footbal champion, played alternatively in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta or at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. The game accordingly pits a team from the East Division against a team from the West division - in years in which the game is hosted in Dallas (odd), the West Division is regarded as the home team, and in years in which the game is hosted in Atlanta (even), the East Division is regarded as the home team. The participants of the SouthCo championship game have an automatic invite to the Sugar Bowl (winner) and Peach Bowl (runner-up) unless the champion is invited to the national championship game (in which case the runner-up assumes the champion's Sugar Bowl bid) or unless either of those games are the host of the national championship game, in which the according team receives a bid to play elsewhere.


List of SouthCo Championship Games

Year Rank West Division Score East Division Rank Location MVP(s)
1990 10 Arkansas 14-38 Alabama 4 Georgia Dome Ken Jones, QB
Antonio Harding, LB
1991 6 Louisiana 55-12 Alabama 14 Cowboys Stadium Mike Eppell, QB
Joshua Holland, CB
1992 4 Louisiana 34-28 Kentucky 8 Georgia Dome Mike Eppell, QB
Mike Montgomery, NG
1993 24 Louisiana 20-48 Kentucky 3 Cowboys Stadium Darby Russell, QB
Ryan Speelers, SS
1994 11 Arkansas 7-24 Georgia 5 Georgia Dome Tom Caley, QB
Brian Bonner, CB
1995 1 LSU 10-24 Tennessee 3 Cowboys Stadium Peyton Manning, QB
Stuart Johnson, LB
1996 5 LSU 14-41 Tennessee 3 Georgia Dome Rick Evans, RB
John Brown, DE
1997 10 Texas 14-27 Kentucky 6 Cowboys Stadium Tim Couch, QB
Henry Pew, DE
1998 1 Texas 35-33 Kentucky 7 Georgia Dome James Fields, WR
James Hayes, LB
1999 4 Texas 37-7 Tennessee 13 Cowboys Stadium Chris Klein, QB
Ray Decker, LB
2000 1 Texas 17-38 Mississippi 16 Georgia Dome Julious Everridge, QB
Michael Boone, DT
2001 5 Texas 14-45 Mississippi 1 Cowboys Stadium Julious Everridge, QB
Joe Lawrence, CB
2002 8 LSU Tennessee 5 Georgia Dome Kyle Handler, QB
Ryan Billeck, LB
2003 5 LSU Georgia 13 Cowboy Stadium Russell Rogers, RB
Tre Teeney, S
2004 10 LSU Alabama 4 Georgia Dome Vince Young, QB
Elton McCreese, CB
2005 12 Texas A&M 9-48 Alabama 3 Cowboys Stadium Vince Young, QB
Alex Oraka, DE
2006 2 LSU 10-34 Alabama 1 Georgia Dome Vince Young, QB
Nick DeLorenzo, LB
2007 Arkansas State 10-63 Alabama 1 Cowboys Stadium Mike Foster, WR
Nick DeLorenzo, LB
2008 6 Texas 14-35 Alabama 1 Georgia Dome Jo-Jo Jenkins, RB
Arlon Rowan, LB
2009 7 LSU Alabama 3 Cowboys Stadium, Dallas, TX Derek Chaffey, QB
Rodney Jones, LB
2010 LSU Mississippi Georgia Dome Joss Jarvis, QB
Mike McCutcheon, LB
2011 LSU 20-28 Mississippi 4 Cowboys Stadium, Dallas, TX Ray Bernal, QB
Adrian Mills, DE
2012 2 Texas 35-31 Alabama 8 Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA Joe Manning, RB
Jackson Jeffcoat, DE

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