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Flag of Free France

Flag of the Fédération Impérialiste Française, with the Cross of Loraine in the center. This has become the unofficial symbol of Sorelism in the world.

Sorelism is a political ideology expounded by European thinkers in the early 1900's, most notably by Georges Sorel, and gained popularity in the aftermath of the Second Global War, and it is considered to be the governing ideology of the French Empire and many of its associate states, including England, Protectorate of Prussia and other states. Japan also became a psuedo-Sorelist state in the 1930's, and remains a close ally of France. Since the defeat of the National Socialist nations in the Third Global War, the primary opposition to the democracies of the world lead by the United States of America and Russia has come from Sorelist lead nations, leading to the Tri-Powers Conflict, later becoming the Dual Powers Conflict when the Brazilian Bloc collapsed.

Sorelism can be considered a spin off from Marxism, as some of the same tenets of a state controlled economy is still practiced. Georges Sorel, the founder of Sorelism as an ideolgy, is known to have been a follower of Marx before he left to found the ideology which was later named for him.

The principle of Sorelism is that a strong central government is necessary to control and strengthen the nation. Nationalism is used to convince the people to continue to work for the nation, and to make it a great power. The economy, however, is still mostly private, with only a few industires, such as banking and arms manufacturing, under government control. The military is primarily used for this purpose, though most of the Sorelist states are not warmongers. The military is strengthened mostly for defensive purposes (such as France in the 1930's), not for aggression, although France would later annex most of Western Europe into itself after the Third Global War, primarily as a security measure.

A secret police force is used to crush dissent, most of the dissenters being sent to concentration camps. The press is censored to a large degree, and most of the media is in complete government control. However, due in large part to the influence of Napoleon I and social reforms that stretched back over a century, racism is not acceptable, as all the people of the Empire had been welcomed into government, business and the military, based on merit and not on connections.

In the present, Sorelism is starting to lose its grip on the world: the Gulf States Confederation having collapsed, and then reunited with the Democratic Confederate States to reform the Confederate States of America in 1997. Other nations have started to reform their systems to be more open and free. The rise of Nicolas Sarkozy has further accelerated changes, but since the terrorist attacks on September 10, 1999, a period of repressive measures was instituted.