Sophie of Pomerania
Timeline: Tudor Line

Queen Sophie of Denmark
Portrait of Sophie of Pomerania

Queen Consort of Denmark and Norway
20 January 1523 - 3 August 1535

Predecessor Isabella of Burgundy
Successor Catherine of Saxe-Lauenberg
Born c. 1498
Stettin, Poland
Died 3 February 1568
Holstein, Denmark
King Frederick I
 Sophie of Pomerania was the firstborn child of Bogislaw X of Pomerania and Anne of Poland, aunt of Louis II of Hungary. She was the second wife to Frederick I of Denmark after Anne of Brandenburg died. She was religious and thus was fairly upset by the death of Frederick and his son by Anne Christian III coming to the throne and making Lutheranism the state religion. In 1533 she and her children John and Dietrich moved to Gottrop. In 1561 she moved to Holstein following John's gain of the Holstein area. She was not, however, politically active and thus brought little change to the Tudor Line.