Sophia of Cleves
House House of La Marck (by birth)
Father William of Julich-Cleves-Berg
Mother Sophia of Guelders
Born 12 June 1541
Duchy of Guelders
Died 16 August 1553 (aged 12)
Bletchingly Palace, England
Religion Anglican

Sophia of Cleves (12 June 1541 - 16 August 1553) was the third daughter of Sophia, Duchess of Guelders and William of Julich-Cleves-Berg. She was the elder twin sister of Anna of Cleves

Early Life

Like her two elder sisters, Sophia of Cleves was raised in England after her mother died, months after the birth of her and her younger twin sister. From birth, it was clear that she was the weaker of the two. As a young child, she and Anna were inseparable, and when Sophia fell ill at the age of 12, Anna had to be restrained from entering the sick room. Sophia died months later, from what appears to be smallpox and Anna fell in a deep depression. Like her sisters, she was tutored by Lady Cromwell.

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