Sophia Magdalene of England
The Dark Beauty Sophia
|210px|alt=|'Queen of Scotland']]
'Queen of Scotland'
Queen consort of Scotland (more...)
Tenure 15 November 1587 - 31 December 1607
Coronation 19 December 1587
Predecessor Marie of Guise
Successor Charlotte Christina of Brittany
Spouse James VI of Scotland

m. November 1587

Issue James VII

Magdalene Elizabeth, Duchess of Brittany
Alexander, Duke of Rothesay
Arbella Mary, Princess of Antioch

House House of Tudor (by birth)

House of Stuart (by marriage)

Father Edward VI of England
Mother Isabella of Cleves
Born 27 July 1568
Whitehall Palace, England
Died 31 December 1607 (aged 39)
Linlithgow Palace, Scotland
Burial Holyrood Abbey
Religion Anglican

Sophia, Queen of Scots (Sophia of England) (27 July 1568 - 31 December 1607) was Queen of Scots as the wife of James VI. She was the fifth daughter of Isabella of Cleves  and Edward VI. Her black hair and dark eyes almost caused controversy due to both of her parents being of fair complexion. She was the paternal grandmother of Isabella of Scots, the last Stuart monarch.

Early Life

Sophia was born as the fifth daughter of Isabella of Cleves and Edward VI of England at Whitehall Palace. When she was seven, she was given her own establishment at Somerset House under the guidance of her governess, Lady Margaret Boleyn. Records for her household show that Lady Margaret Howard, Lady Sancha Neville, Lady Constance Veldon, Lady Mary Boleyn, and Lady Elizabeth Dudley were her companions beginning in 1576 until she left for Scotland in 1587.

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