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Timeline: Great Empires

Empress Sophia in 2012

Empress of the Roman Empire
9 May 2007 – 8 September 2010

Successor: Joash III
Born: 1974
Imperial House: Angelos-Bagrationi Dynasty
 Sophia-Theodora Bagrationi is the former empress regnant of the Roman Empire, she disappeared on 2010 but was later found to be dead.


Early life

Sophia-Theodora was born in 19 November 1974, in Constantinople, as the daughter of Emperor Emmanuel II and his wife Anna.  She did have one sibling, Joash III,who gave up the throne to follow other aims, making her heiress apparent of the Roman Empire. She was educated at the Imperial Academy of Rome and met many children of rich parents. However, she didn't make many friends and blamed her parent for not sending her to a normal school and let her enjoy a normal life, like any normal child. She was mainly taught in the arts, politics, etiquette as well as in Latin, Greek and Italian. She was also prepared to ascend the throne of the empire. After her death, her brother assumed power and ruled in her stead as it was her last wish.

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