Timeline: Great Empires

Empress Sophia in 2012

Empress of the Roman Empire
9 May 2007 – 8 September 2013

Predecessor Emmanuel II
Born 1974
Spouse Alexander Nikopoulos (1993-2013)
Imperial House Angelos-Bagrationi Dynasty
Father Emmanuel II
Mother Anna
Issue Helena (1995-2013)

Nicholas (born 1997)

Religion Roman Catholicism
Sophia-Theodora Bagrationi is the empress regnant of the Roman Empire, she disappeared on 8 September 2013, but was later found to be alive.


Early life

Sophia-Theodora was born in 19 November 1974, in Constantinople, as the daughter of Emperor Emmanuel II and his wife Anna.  She didn't have any siblings and remained only child, making her heiress apparent of the Roman Empire. She was educated at the Imperial Academy of Rome and met many children of rich parents. However, she didn't make many friends and blamed her parent for not sending her to a normal school and let her enjoy a normal life, like any normal child. She was mainly taught in the arts, politics, etiquette as well as in Latin, Greek and Italian. She was also prepared to ascend the throne of the empire.

Adulthood and Exile

Sophia managed to graduate at primary, secundary education and prepared for tertiary education. She also continued to prepare for her future as empress. She didn't like her life very much in the Imperial Palace and instead longed for a normal life. She especially loved to travel to various locations in the world as holiday and to simply walk unattended in public. Her parents criticized her for not taking her imperial duties serious and worried if she was capable enought to rule. She was furious for this and left the palace without consent of her parents. She went in disguise and travelled to Greece in an attempt to escape her duties. On April 13 1992 she arrived in Athens, Greece and planned to stay there forever, she took a job as secretary and hired an apartment at the coast. She enjoyed her time there and regularly visited the beach. It was here where she met Alexander Nikopoulos, who sold ice cream on the beach. She became close friends with him and eventually they fell in love. After a year they married in secret and lived happily together. They had two kids: Helena and Nicholas and enjoyed their life as normal people.


Meanwhile in Rome, massive attempts were made to find the disappeared princess. The Emperor and Empress were very sad and blamed theirselves for their daughter's disappearance. After many years of extensive search Princess Sophia was declared dead because of death in absentia. The empire experienced a succession crisis, with no surviving heirs. In 2006, Sophia's father became seriously ill and it was believed this was because of his daughter's disappearance. The news went across the entire country and Sophia was shocked by the news and immediately decided to return to Rome, taking her family with her. The Emperor was diagnosed was a serious fever and was informed that his daughter was still alive and well. Princess Sophia and her family visited the Emperor in the hospital and his father was happy to see her, once again naming her his successor. Sophia continued to visit him every day until he died on 2 May 2007.


Following her father's death, Sophia became empress regnant of the Roman Empire and was announced to be formally coronated on 9 May 2007, adding the royal name Theodora to her name. She was officially crowned empress on 9 May 2007 in a large ceremony that was attended by many heads of state from across the world. She has now been reigning for more than 5 years and continued her father's reforms to repair the economy to the state before the Great War. Although the empire is officially still an absolute monarchy, the empress often asks the people's opionion on matters of state. 

Nuclear bombing of Constantinople

On 8 September 2013 the Egyptian Empire nuked the city of Constantinople as response to the Roman bombing and invasion of Egypt. The Empress has been missing since then, rumors have circulated abouth her possible death. On 17 September it was revealed the empress was last seen in her palace while the bomb was dropped. The Empress was found on 20 September to be alive, but injured, she has now fully recovered and was released fom the Hospital on 28 October.


On 10 November Sophia-Theodora re-assumed leadership over the empire. However, she was still empress all the time officially though she allowed her son to be her co-ruler, claiming they needed each other.

Personal life

The empress has revealed she enjoys cooking and going on holiday. She has also admitted she likes watching the Eurovision Song Festival and Olympics. The Empress commonly walks in the streets of Rome unattended and talks to the people like she is a normal person. She does this in disguise.

Marriage and children

While in self-imposed "exile" in Greece, Sophia met Alexander Nikopoulos, over time they grew close and they were married in secret. They had two children: Helena and Nicholas. When Sophia became Empress, Alexander, Helena and Nicholas were granted imperial titles.

2013 Beijing Airport disaster

On 2 January, while the Empress and her family were en route to Shanghai, China for a holiday. Their plane experienced technical difficulties and was forced to land at Beijing Airport, however the tail of the plane broke off due to bad construction methods of the airplane. The airplane started to descend at an alarming rate and the passengers panicked. The airplane crashed seconds later and crashed on the airport main terminal, penetrating the building and killing dozens of unsuspecting people. Most of the passengers were killed, including crown princess Helena, the Empress, and her son Nicholas were seriously injured. Her spouse Alexander and her mother, Anna ended up in coma. Alexander did not survive the accident and died while holding hands with his wife who was in the bed beside. The Empress and her son Nicholas have fully recovered, but the Empress' mother, Anna is still in coma in the hospital of Beijing and cannot be transported. 


  • 19 November - 5 April 1992: Her Imperial Highness Crown Princess Sophia
  • 5 April 1992 - 20 August 2006: Miss "Europa Devitzi"
  • 20 August 2006 - 2 May 2007: Her Imperial Highness Crown Princess Sophia-Theodora
  • 2 May 2007 - present: Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Sophia-Theodora