Sooraya Shajar al-Qadir
سـوـرـاـيـا شجر آل القادر
Timeline: Great Empires

Calipha Sooraya in 2012

Calipha of Kenopia
2011 – present

Predecessor: Muhammad Ahmed Shah
Successor: Incumbent

Calipha of Islam
2011 – present

Predecessor: Incumbent
Born: 1976 (aged 37)
Cairo, Kenopia
Father: Ibrahim al-Qadir
Mother: Fatma al-Qadir
Religion: Sunni Islam
 Sooraya Shajar al-Qadir is an Egyptian politician and the current Calipha of Kenopia and Calipha of Islam (Kenopian claimant). She was elected Caliph on 28 May 2011, following the abdication of Muhammad Ahmed Shah. On July 22, she was overthrown in a coup led by Ramesses XII, who proclaimed himself Pharaoh of Egypt, which was followed by the start of a large rebellion. Her current fate remains unknown, rumors say the she may be imprisoned in Cairo in the Sacred Palace or that she may have been killed during the rebellion. However, the allied forces captured Cairo on 2 November and the Calipha was found imprisoned in a jail, she was rescued by soldiers and returned to the capital where she was taken care of.

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