Crashbomb is a timeline where, based on Ohga Shrugs, Ohga does shrug it off, but a near-bankrupt Sony crash onto the market with the PlayStation in mid 2013.


In 2007, Ultra Video Games magazine reported that Sony were developing a console to be released in the 7th generation.

These rumors were not confirmed until mid 2011 when Sony, in a press release, announced the PlayStation, but it would be released in the 8th generation.

It was then shown at E3 2012 with more specifications, including this statement: "Nintendo's Fusion is doing well, it has sold 3,000,000 units since it's launch three months ago. Sega's Eclipse, on the other hand, is not even out yet."

Release date was announced on October 30, 2012.

Sega's Eclipse was released in June 2013, 8 days before the PlayStation was.

On July 3, 2013, the Sony PlayStation was released. Nintendo sales fell from 275,000 a month to just 30,000, but the young Eclipse showed no sign of slowing down. Sony were doing quite well as well, and they accepted second in their finacial situation (they were about three months away from being bankrupt) and earnt 106 million dollars on Q1 2013.

Effect on PC gaming

PC gaming fell from 82% to 70% market share

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