SonicLink Transit Society (SLiTS) is the transit authority in Greater Vangkover, Westland, in the country of Pacifica. The society was formed in 1989 when the newly-settled Vangkovers realized the stately government of Westland was not providing for their transportation needs. The two residents who stepped forward to take on the role of urban planners were Ren Sonic and Link Smith, after which the group is named.


Even though the commission was officially sanctioned as a non-profit organization in 1990, it took much convincing on behalf of Sonic and Link to receive stately and federal funding. At this time, public transit was still a taboo topic across the rest of Pacifica, with officials in Tomato, Oregano not understanding why one would prefer a bus over a private car. However, in Vangkover, the movement was already taking off. Open houses were full each night with individuals wanting to learn more and offer input.

In 1992, a $250,000 grant was given to SonicLink by the Stately Government of Westland. This was enough to buy one bus. It would be parked at Smith's home in Vangkover Sud until a maintenance facility could be acquired.

The bus purchased was a 1991 New Flyer Industries D40. It was routed along Valhalla Street, from Marine Drive to Downtown Vangkover. With Valhalla being one of the busiest corridors in Vangkover, it didn't take long for the route to always be full. With residents frustrated at frequent pass-ups, Ren and Link appealed to Tomato, Oregano for a larger sum. They needed more buses and a facility to house them.

In September 1993, approximately a year after the first bus arrived in Vangkover, the High Legislature of Pacifica awarded SonicLink a $2,000,000 grant. This allowed them to purchase 9 new buses, along with a transit garage. A large lot with basic industrial facilities was purchased on 41st Avenue near Oak Street, and was named Oakridge Transit Centre.

4 new bus routes were created, so now each route would always have a bus going either way. Service was extended east into Burnaby with the 100 22nd Street / Airport route. Two new downtown-bound routes were created along Cambie Street and Oak Street. The longest route so far was the 160 which went from Downtown Vangkover to Kowalski Porte.

Popularity with public transit was growing exponentially, which was a double-edged sword. Ren and Link were very happy to let others help with route planning, but they couldn't keep up with the amount of people taking transit. In 1995, Ren and Link traveled to the head office of the International Nations Alliance in Tersing, Malaysia, one of the richest capitals in the world. Malaysia was an advanced country like the State of Westland, so they best understood the situation. The state officials of Tersing were willing to ship their old New Flyer D40s to Westland, and the INA also wrote SonicLink Transit Society a cheque for $5,000,000. This was the largest sum they had received yet. Tersing also spoke of their success with generating revenue from passengers.

SonicLink initially used the money to renovate Oakridge Transit Centre. In 1996, they bought some New Flyer D40LFs, their first low-floor bus. They also announced plans to implement a fare payment and transfer process. The new system would require all passengers to pay a fare upon boarding the bus, and they would receive a transfer valid for 2 hours.

The fare system went live in January 1997. The regular fare was $1.50, and the reduced fare $1. Passengers would place their coins in a shallow box upon boarding, and the volunteer fare collector would count the change and give them a transfer. This allowed the driver to remain focussed. Moreover, SonicLink Transit Society now had a steady source of income. This was a turning point for the people of Vangkover.

Recent times

Come the turn of the century, SLiTS was now living comfortably. More D40LFs were purchased, and plans to implement a trolley system extending from the Downtown Core to Easton-Sunrise and Vangkover Sud were in the works. By 2006, New Flyer Xcelsior test buses were on the road. They operated off of alternative methods: compressed natural gas and diesel-electric hybrids.

Light rail

In 2007, construction of a Vangkover Sud light rail began. It would largely follow the routing of the 100 22nd Street / Airport, except it would terminate at Marine Drive Station to link up with the large array of routes there. The proposed name is the Marine Line, because it mostly exists along Marine Drive.

Major routes and exchanges

2 Knight / Fraserview

3 Vangkover via Main / Marine Drive Station

4 Marine Drive Station / Portside via Kent

8 Vangkover via Fraser / Marine Drive Station

15 Vangkover via Cambie / Marine Drive Station

17 Vangkover via Oak / Marine Drive Station

33 Secondary School / Marine Drive Station

34 Secondary School via Valhalla / Fraserview

37 Oakridge Transit Centre / Marine Drive Station

41 University / Colinet Station

42 Vangkover / Oakridge Transit Centre

43 Marine Drive Station / Colinet Station

94 B-Line - Fraserview / Kowalski Porte

95 B-Line - Vangkover / Kowalski

96 B-Line - Vangkover via Grandview / Sorrey

97 B-Line - 41st / Kowalski

98 B-Line - Vangkover via Granville / Rice City

99 B-Line - University / Burnaby via Broadway

100 22nd Street / Airport

102 Harrison / Fraserview

160 Vangkover / Kowalski Porte

190 Express - Vangkover / Kowalski Central Station

424 - Vangkover via Granville / Rice City via Sea Island

691 Express - Kowalski / Sorrey via Gray Mann

701 Kowalski Central Station / Maple Syrup Ridge via Lougheed

791 Express - Kowalski / Sorrey via Lougheed

Marine Drive Station: Located in Vangkover Sud, one of the largest transit exchanges in Vangkover. The future site of the Marine Line (Vangkover Sud light rail line).

Waterfront Station: Major hub connecting all downtown-bound routes, including the 3, 8, 15, 17, 98 B-Line, 160, 492, and 601.

Kowalski Central Station: Kowalski's main bus exchange, larger than Kowalski Porte Station. Raillard Commuter Train connects here.

Kowalski Porte Station: Mainly serves Community Transit routes and the Raillard Commuter Train.

Bridgeport Station: The northernmost station in Rice City.

Rice City Station: The central station in Rice City.

Sea Island: The island of Rice City on which the Vangkover Airport is located. The 100 travels here via the Art Laing Bridge.

Sorrey Exchange: The largest bus exchange in Sorrey City.

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