Second Songhai Republic
Ihinkante Songhai Gangani
Timeline: Songhai Survival
Flag of Songhai Coat of Arms of Songhai
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Africa with Songhai highlighted
Location of Songhai within Africa

Affoo Boroe (One People) (Songhai)

Capital Gao
Largest city Dakar
Other cities Timbuktu, Freetown, Nouakchott
  others French
President Muhammad Musa
Vice President Amadou Sangaré
Population est. 85,000,000 
Independence February 26, 1960
Currency Songhai Dinar

Songhai is a country in Western Africa. Songhai is bordered by Mauritania to the northeast, Algeria to the north, Niger to the west, Nigeria to the southwest, and Togo, Benin, Ghana, Cote d'Ivorie, Guinea, and Liberia to the south. The country's main exports are in the field of agriculture, building construction materials, cotton, livestocks, and precious metals. As a result, many citizens not living in rural communities (which are not priotized by the government) have a good standard of living, comparable to OTL Libya.


See main article: History of Songhai


The governmental system of Songhai is a Unicameral Federal Constitutional Presidential Democracy. All Three Branches of the Government are elected by direct popular vote.

Political Parties

Nationalist Party - (Nationalism) Parliament Seats: 65

Democratic Party - (Liberalism) Parliament Seats: 40

Islamic Party - (Theocracy) Parliament Seats: 24

Socialist Party - (Socialism) Parliament Seats: 17

People's National Party - (Fascism) Parliament Seats: 4

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