Song of the Swan
Song of the Swan lyrics
Lyrics of the anthem
Song of the Swan
National anthem of Flag of Western Australia Realm of Westralia
Westralia-flag Kingdom of Westralia
Lyrics Francis Herbert Scott, 1862
Music Arthur Callaway, 1864
Adopted 1865

Song of the Swan is the national anthem of the Kingdom of Westralia, adopted in 1865 as the anthem of the Realm of Westralia, and adopted again in 1869 as that of the new Kingdom. Song of the Swan was originally written by Francis Herbert Scott in 1862 as a patriotic poem, and was set to music by Arthur Callaway in 1864 for use as Westralia's new national anthem.


Great Swan, rejoice! We forever cherish thee;
Thy grace and thy splendour, is envy of all that see!
O thy clear waters and golden soils are products of thy glory,
Thanks to thee, our land shall last for all eternity!

Great Swan, defend our waters now and forever!
Great Swan, protect thy people, relieve us of our fear!
Great Swan, lead us with a fair and righteous hand;
Great Swan, sing thy glorious song and forever guard our land.

Beneath the Southern Cross, Great Swan, we toil with hearts and hands.
Our hearts are thine, our minds are one, as we build our Kingdom, grand!
Great Swan, protect our sacred, beloved motherland,
And sing thy noble, rousing call and revive our tired bands.


Sing thy song, O sing thy song... O precious Swan, for thee we shall always stand!