The Foundation of the Kingdom of Song

The Emperor Qianshao took the Western provinces of his Empire around the end of his life and brought many
Kingdom of Song

The Kingdom of Song

workers and prominent families with him to build these areas while his son Zhagshao began to grow into his own. Qianshao died in what would become the Kingdom of Song and the most wealthy family there took this to declare the inheritence of Song to the Empire after the Emperor's bloodline ended and the Sinican Civil War brokeout. The Song Family ruled as Viscounts in name but executed power as Kings. The Song cooperated with the Tang family after a short conflict about the location and custody of the body of Qianshao.
Provinces of Song

The Two Provinces of Song.

Leaders of Song

Viscount Song Ding 宋丁 635-663 (118-90 BC)

Viscount Song Ming 宋湣 663-668 (90-85 BC)

Viscount Song Shang 宋煬 668-682 (85-71 BC)

Viscount Song Li 宋厲 682-686 (71-67 BC)

Viscount Song Xi 宋釐 686-698 (67-55 BC)

Viscount Song Hui 宋惠 698-710 (55-43 BC)

Viscount Song Ai 宋哀 710-717 (43-36 BC)

Viscount Song Dai 宋戴 717-743 (36-10 BC)

Viscount Song Wu 宋武 743-773 (10 BC-20 AD)

Viscount Song Xian 宋宣 773-792 (20-39 AD)

Viscount Song Mu 宋穆 792-809 (39-56 AD)

Office made obsolete by Second Han Dynasty

The Duchies of Song

The Southern Province of Song

1. Haixi 海西
Song Souther Province

The Eight Duchies of the Southern Province of Song

2. Haibei 海北

3. Xining 西宁

4. Haidong 海东

5. Hainan 海南

6. Huangnan 黄南

7. Yushu 玉树

8. Golong 果洛

The Northern Province of Song

1. Jiuquan 酒泉
Song Northern Province

The Fourteen Duchies of the Northern Province of Song

2. Jiayuguan 嘉峪关

3. Zhangye 张掖

4. Jinchang 金昌

5. Wuwei 武威

6. Baiyin 白银

7. Lanzhou 兰州

8. Linxia 临夏

9. Gannan 甘南

10. Dingxi 定西

11. Longnan 陇南

12. Tianshui 天水

13. Pingliang 平凉

14. Qingyang 庆阳


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