Solomon of Israel
King of Israel

Solomon of Israel.png
King of Israel
King of Israel
Reign 971 BC - 931 BC
Predecessor David of Israel
Successor Rehoboam of Israel
Spouses Naamah, Pharaoh's Daughter, around 700 other wives and 300 concubines
House House of David
Father David
Mother Bathsheba
Born 1011 BC
Died 931 BC
Religion Judaism

Solomon of Israel, (Jerusalem 1011 BC - Jerusalem 931 BC) was the third king of the Kingdom of Israel, mainly mentioned in the Bible. He ruled 40 years Israel, between 971 BC and 931 BC.

He is credited with building the Temple of Jerusalem, and the authorship of the Book of Ecclesiastes, Book of Proverbs and Song of Songs, collected books in the Bible. He was king of a vast empire, stretching from the Sinai to the Euphrates. In domestic policy, administered the kingdom through a system of 12 districts, and forbade idolatry and worship other gods other than Yahweh. Though he had several foreign wives, according to the Bible, Solomon continued worshiping the Lord. It's been considered the wisest king of all Israel and which led Israel to a time of material and religious splendor.

Solomon died in 931 BC, after having ruled for 40 years Israel; his successor would be his son Rehoboam, the son of Naamah.

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