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Sentience Sentient
Language Solarian
Mass 70-100 kg
Height 1.7-2.0 meters
Skin color Light to dark brown
Hair color •White
•Grey (aging)
Distinctions Wings, angelic appearance, long-lived, muscular
Lifespan 800-1000 years
Famous members Empress Sarana
Prince Luke
 The Solarians, sometimes called "Angels" by foreigners are a sentient species home to the planet Solaria.

Biology and Appearance

The Solarians are a sentient humanoid species. They are bipedal beings with a bilateral symmetry. Their body comprises a head, neck, torso and four limbs. The upper limbs, called arms, ended in hands which had five fingers each; the lower ones, called legs, ended in feet with also five digits. Finally, they had one head perched atop a torso. They have only a light covering of body hair. Most of it was concentrated on the head and, in the case of adult males, face. Solarians are endotherms or warm-blooded animals. While some mistakenly described themselves as carnivores, Solarians are omnivores, subsisting on both animal tissue and plant-based foods. As was common to many humanoid species, Solarians have two sexes: male and female. Their origin and evolution is unclear to scientists. There are many theories how they could have evolved into flying humanoids, though none of these are universally accepted. Solarians are largely the same as Humans, one major difference is that they have an exceptionally long lifespan, with the average person living 800 years. Solarians are on average not much taller than Humans, although it is not uncommon for them to grow taller than 2 meters. For unclear reasons they are quite muscular beings.

Emperor Solaron exhibiting the typical appearance of a male Solarian

Life cycle

Solarians are sexually-reproduced animals, requiring the mating of an opposite sex couple to produce offspring. While developing in their mother's womb, the child gave her a distinctive "baby bump" accompanied by a significant weight gain. Being mammals, the Solarian females gave birth to live young, either one or several at a time. Two children born at the same birth were referred to as twins, and three as triplets. The delivery itself normally took place after nine months of pregnancy. It was a painful process that could take as much as ten hours. In some circumstances, women could die during childbirth, although it rarely happened on worlds that had top-flight medical technologies. During their first months of existence, Solarian babies were usually fed with milk from their mother's body.

On average Solarians live 800 years, with some living to 1000 years. Some of them, who are connected with The Force, can live up to 1500 years. People generally have children when they are 300 or 400 years, though they can have children when they are adult, which is considered the age of 20. Although they are very long lived, people older than 600 are considered old and discouraged from working and instead retiring to enjoy their lives. Natural signs of aging included the whitening or fall of the hair, the loss of teeth, appearance of deep lines, wrinkles and dark blemishes on the skin. Old Solarians would experience a decline in many cognitive processes, frequently losing track of time, misidentifying people or places, and, in extreme cases, momentarily forgetting about their own identity or state.



Solarians originated from the Milky Way planet of Solaria. Their evolution is shrouded in a mystery. They were present millions of years before the Battle of Sendac. They developed modern technology around 150,000 BBC and hyperdrive by 100,000 BBC.


The Solarians were a proud and populous species on the planet of Solaria. However, around 100,000 BBC they weren't unified as one nation, like many planets at that time. However, one of them, a young man named Solem, dreamed of unifying the people. Eventually he managed to gain control of the city of Aurora, which would become the capital. From there he begun the rapid conquest of the entire planet. When he was hundred (which is considered very young by Solarian standards), he succeeded in establishing a unified nation and with the support of his people, he proclaimed himself the Solarion of Solaria, also taking the name Solarion as a honorific. He reigned until he died at the age of two thousand, which was considered extremely old with an empire covering not only Solaria, but dozens of other planets as well. He passed the throne to one of his descendants, Princess Solara.

Interstellar empire

As Solaria of Solaria, Solara and her descendants continued the expansion of the empire, until they held sway over more than four million star systems.


The greatest blooming would come under the rule of Emperor Solaron, who would albeit with some tyrannical tendencies, conquer more than half of the entire Milky Way Galaxy. He ruled with an iron fist and although the Solarians revered and worshiped him, the subjugated people were treated inferior and many nations began to worry about his hunger for power. Eventually Solaron began his invasion of the Kolorosia Galaxy, going mad and brutally slaughtering planets who refused to join the empire. To counter this treat, many nations formed an alliance in an attempt to stop him. Though he initially defeated their forces, he was finally stopped at Sendac (then still known as Centurion) after an epic battle and killed. The empire quicklly collapsed, leaving only the core worlds under the control of Solaria. This event was of such importance that it was decided to be the intergalactical epoch, as it was believed that if Solaron had not been stopped, he would have conquered the United Planets.

Recovery and Present

The empire eventually managed to recover and reconquer millions of star systems, but the days of galactic dominance were over. Today it is a relative powerful nation, but overshadowed by its larger neighbour, the United Planets. Some Solarians have proposed joining the Republic, though the majority reject this proposal. Their current  Solaria (Empress) is Sarana.

Society and culture

The Solarians are a relative friendly species and very hospitable people, welcoming anyone who visits their planet with open arms. They are a species which value the traits courage, honor, nobility, selflessness and determination. Their government is a constitutional, sacred monarchy. The ruling monarch called the Solarion (male) or Solaria (female) is venerated and revered by the all Solarians and holds great, though not absolute power. Solarians had the reputation of being great and proud warriors in the universe, something they value greatly. In the past they were a warlike people. However, this has almost entirely faded, as they have no intention in waging war in the present. The Solarians viewed all sentient beings equal and they valued life greatly, resorting to lethal action in life endangering situations only. They were far from pacifist, however, and when fate asked it, they were formidable and almost undefeatable opponents. Solarians have a particular dislike for rude and reckless people and would point them at this. Most Solarians were physically fit and many were muscular, enjoying physical exercise and sparring matches, greatly valuing their physical appearance and strength. Solarians were called beautiful by many species and considered one of the most physically beautiful species in the universe. Fat Solarians were considered rare and were frowned upon. Solarians have extreme dislike for lazy people and would sometimes rudely say this right in people's faces. In the past the Solarian society was divided in castes, at the bottom the peasants, who lived mainly on the countryside, next came the merchants, artists and scientists, followed by the clergy and at the top the Imperial Family and the warriors, the military. However, following a new constitution all Solarians were regarded as equal. In the society of Solarians, there has never been a concept like "sexism", men and women are virtually equal in all aspects of life, even in the military, where women number almost half of the entire numbers. In the entire history of the empire, about the same number of men and women have ruled as Solarion/Solaria. In fact, it is very common that a male monarch passes the throne to his daughter and a female monarch passes the throne to her son. Warriors are greatly respected in their civilization and are hailed as heroes. Solarians commonly engage in the activity which they call "skyflying", as its name implies, it is the activity of flying in the skies and clouds. They enjoy this greatly.

Solarian names

Solarian names are mostly related to the sun, which they worship or sometimes to one of their moons or light in 


Female Solarians flying in the sky of Earth

general. Popular Solarian names are:

  • Solaria (female)
  • Solem (male)
  • Solis (unisex)
  • Solana (female)
  • Solara (female)
  • Solariana (female)
  • Acedia (female)
  • Aurora (female)
  • Radion (male)
  • Radia (female)
  • Solarion (male)
  • Solaron (male)
  • Solon (male)

Solarians in the universe

Solarians are one of the most populous species in the known universe, with an estimated population of 50 quadrillion. They were one of the first species to develop hyperdrive and hypermodern technology. Solarians are a common sight in the Astralia, Andromeda and Kolorosia Galaxies. On some planets they are even the most numerous species. Solarians did visit the planet Terra occasionally. They have visited the planet as early as 75,000 BC and could occasionally be seen roaming the surface of the Earth. They were the inspirations of the mythical beings "Angels" in stories in many religions. Solarians are also sometimes called "Angels" by people who did not knew them very well.

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