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Flag of Solaris
Flag of Solaris

Praise the Emperor (Solarian)

Anthem "None"
Capital Solaris
Largest city N/A
  others None
Religion Cult of Sonra
Ethnic Group Solarian (100%)
Demonym Solarian, Solaran, Solari
Government Theocratic Monarchy
  legislature None
Emperor Sirta
Population 250 million 

The Solarian Empire is a small nation with its powerbase on the planet of Solaris. The empire is governed by the telepathic Solarian people, who bare a strong resemblence to humans. However, they are far more advanced mentally and biologically. Because of their power and wisdom, the Solarians have grow highly arrogant, though they fear what the galaxy may do with their knowledge should it fall into the wrong hands. Thus, the empire is in political union with the much larger Gemini Federation, both of whom make up the Honorable Union Gemini & Solaris.


Birth of the Empire

Personal Union with Gemini

Battle for Earth





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