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Galaxy Astralia
Planetary System Solariana System
Suns 1:Solarion
Moons 2:Luxaria, Acedia
Rotation period 24 hours
Diameter 14,000 km
Primary terrain Oceans, grasslands, cities, floating cities
Atmosphere Breathable
Native species Solarians
Immigrated species Humans
Government Sacred, constitutional monarchy
Language Solarian, Nadasti
Population 900 billion
Capital Aurora
Affiliation Solarian Empire
 Solaria is a pleasant planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is the homeworld of the Solarians and the capital of their empire. It is the closest habitable planet located near Earth.


Solaria is the name of the planet according to the Solarians and most other species themselves. It shares its name with the planetary system of the same name.


  • Solaria is in fact a planet orbiting the star of Solarion, known to humans as "Alpha Centauri".

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