Sol Invictus
Sol Invictus, which means Invincible Sun in Latin, is the primary religion of the former Roman World, save for in areas such as Britain, the Balkans, or Asia Minor where large populations of non-Romans immigrated in the following years, or in Egypt, which retained its own different religion. Sol Invictus first arose in the second century AD, where the new worship of the god Sol, often called Invictus, arose. In 274 Sol Invictus became the official sun god. In the fourth century, Sol Invictus was risen to the position of the supreme god of Rome, and the religion was standardized throughout the Empire.


Sol Invictus is a monoteistic religion whose followers believe that there is only one, supreme god, whom they call Sol, however, they believe that Sol is a remote god. Only high-level religious figures are permitted to pray directly to Sol itself and even they can usually only do so on holy days. Most people instead pray to the 'Reverberationes', or the reflections of Sol Invictus in the world.

Reverberationes (AKA gods)

There are hundreds if not thousands of gods, but these are the most important ones (Greek names in brakets)

  • Jupiter (Zeus)  is the god of thunder and the most powerful of the Reverberationes. He is a sky god and plays a prominent role in the mythology.
  • Juno  (Hera) is the chief goddess and is considered the wife of Jupiter.
  • Neptune (Poseidon) is the god of the sea.
  • Pluto (Hades) is the god of death
  • Minerva (Athena) is a virgin war goddess of architecture, crafts, weaving, wisdom, and commerce.
  • Apollo (Apollo) is the god of medicine, poetry, truth, prophecy, and music
  • Diana (Artemis) is the goddess of the moon and of hunting.
  • Ceres (Demeter) is the goddess of farming
  • Vulcan (Haphaistion) is the god of creation, forging, and volcanoes
  • Venus (Aphrodite)  is the goddess of love and sex
  • Mars (Ares) is the god of war.
  • Mercury (Hermes) is the messenger god of communication
  • Bacchus (Vachos or Dionysos) is the god of wine and madness
  • Vesta (Hestia) is the virgin goddess of the hearth and family

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