Soilikki Mikkola (Nirandogo:そいぃっき みっこぁ) is a manga character originally drawn by Shizuka Minkkinen in 1961. Soon in 1962, Shizuka Minkkinen released the short story manga, Hōrō-sha (放浪者; Wanderer) in which Soilikki Mikkola was featured in.

Since 1985, she became one of the main characters of the Itäinen Projekti.


So far, Soilikki Mikkola appeared in six manga, all by Shizuka Minkkinen.


Hōrō-sha (放浪者; Wanderer) is the first short story manga. In this manga, Soilikki Mikkola walks around a few Finnish cities and towns, looking around.


Tabibito (旅人, Traveller) is the sequel to Hōrō-sha.


雷雨 (Raiu, Thunderstorm), while not the sequel to the last two, it borrows some locations and places from the two previous mangas. This manga has Soilikki Mikkola observing severe thunderstorms during her travels, especially some violent ones, like tornadoes.


冒険家 (bōkenka; adventurer) is the fourth manga by Shizuka Minkkinen. Here, Soilikki Mikkola travels the Himalayas and goes to find stuff.

Lopeta! Poliisi!

Lopeta! Poliisi! (Stop! Police!) is the fifth manga by Shizuka Minkkinen. Here, Soilikki Mikkola works for the Helsinki Police Station and she has to chase a suspect which was wanted by the Finnish police for a long time, and the police chase goes all over Finland before the suspect finally is captured in Kokkola.

Nopea ja Kiihkeä

Nopea ja Kiihkeä (Fast and Furious) is the sixth manga by Shizuka Minkkinen. Here, Soilikki Mikkola with her new car, the Subaru Leone, challenges a few Yakuza members to a street or motorway race, and also manages to trick them into police traps and in the end, Soilikki Mikkola won but quickly leaves Finland as the police are now after her too.

Yötä Kokkolassa

Yötä Kokkolassa (Night in Kokkola) is the seventh manga by Shizuka Minkkinen. Here, Soilikki Mikkola with her new Mazda RX-7 driving back to Finland after all is clear and moving to Kokkola, in which she uses her Syntetisaattori to create her music.

This manga is also noted for having a special edition. The special edition of the manga comes with a record, which is Soilikki Mikkola's theme, composed by Shizuka Minkkinen with her Syntetisaattori.


Chireiden (地霊殿; Palace of the Earth Spirits) is a manga written by Shizuka Minkkinen and her sister Maija Kawashima. It focuses on both Soilikki Mikkola and Sayuri Mikkola lifestyles and also features a few adventures.

100 Vuotta Itsenäisyyttä

100 Vuotta Itsenäisyyttä (100 Years of Independence) is a manga written by Shizuka Minkkinen. Here, Soilikki Mikkola goes through time from 1889 to 1989 in Finland, and has her detailing a few important events that happened through time. She also goes to explore some of the events herself (like the independence of Käwäshiro after Empress Sasakia's death and the Five Four Incident) as well.

Other media

General Information & Personality

She is known to be a wanderer, always exploring other places that she seems interested in. She is also known to own a small Japanese kurumá as well.

She usually eats Oriental (Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese) and Finnish cuisine, but sometimes she trys out new food.

She also has a closed third eye, but it is not know of what it does or anything. Later, in 東方靈異伝/Itäinen Reiiden it is found out she can manipulate unconscious with it.

She also has a younger sister, Sayuri Mikkola.


With her closed third eye, she can manipulation of the unconscious.

She is also known to manipulate languages. This ability is seen in 東方兵庫/Itäinen Hyōgo.

Other info

In the Sydänismi (Heartism) 'religion' created by Elsa Tokushima, she is one of the main goddesses of it, along with her sister Sayuri Mikkola.

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