Sogovograd was a hypothetical city planned by Feodor II as the "jewel of the North," a great metropolis to be built as the nation's chief port and, potentially, eventual capital along the banks of the Sogova (Fraser) River in what is today Pacifica. Sogovograd was envisioned as a new Moscow or Petrograd in North America, to a greater extent than Aleksandrgrad, and it was the cornerstone of Feodor's plans should Alaska emerge victorious from the Alaskan War. The Fraser delta's hospitable environment would have allowed for a strategically located warm-water port.

While many believed that Feodor would simply rename Sahalee, Huntsville or Wamash Sogovograd in the event that Boris Anasenko had managed to retain control of the region, other historians cite numerous sources suggesting that Feodor planned to erect a brand new city after surveying the region for the perfect location, likely on the Burrard Peninsula. The city itself was to have been a great seaport for Alaska's goods from throughout the region, and to be the anchor of Feodor's imagined "Southern Territories." Feodor was so serious about this scheme that he sent land surveyors to Sahalee and the surrounding countryside in 1885 to inspect the land. However, following the Alaskan defeat in the West, the eventual ceasefire and the coup d'etat that deposed Feodor, the plans for Sogovograd were eventually scrapped, although the vision of a great, world-class Alaskan center of commerce and culture was somewhat realized with the growth of Kialgory and, to a lesser extent, Evgenigrad.

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